Event Closed – Successful – Friday 14th July 2017 – Wangi RSL Shave for Elizabeth Anne Wright – Ovarian Cancer

Original Event Text below – Event now finished – Raised $8208.00. For final
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In the past month, Liz (a local Wangi resident) has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer with a 5% Cure Rate. Liz was not detected early and was diagnosed with a different kind of cancer early in the year. She is passionate about communicating to women the tests she had, that finally led to a correct diagnosis. While not a guarantee, there are two (2) tests you can do that shows markers of Ovarian Cancer which can point doctors in the right direction to undergo further enquiry because there are no early screening tests currently available.

She is fundraising for the cause and is shaving her head on Friday 14th of this month (July 2017) at the Wangi RSL Club from approx 5 pm to around 7.30/8.00pm in between the raffles and any other events. Steve from the Wangi Barber Shop is kindly doing the shave and is willing to do other head or beard shaves for a donation of any amount. Liz will have her head shaved approx 6.30-7pm. Awareness information will also be provided and the Wangi RSL will run an additional raffle on the night with prizes if they can source some prize donations.
Liz commenced chemotherapy on Monday this week (3/7/17) and was told that she will start losing her hair within 2 weeks. She wants to do the head shave and take her hair under her own terms and not have the chemo do it. So apologies for the short notice. Any participation is greatly appreciated and welcomed.
We aim to make it a fun event despite that it is a horrid disease. Liz is a lovely, positive woman who enjoys a Friday night dance at the Wangi RSL so we won’t detract from the great Friday nights at the club but rather add something positive.
To support Liz, her shave and Ovarian Cancer you can donate before the event, or on the night of the event by visiting the: Wangi Wangi RSL Shave – Ovarian Cancer Donations Page. This page lists the event and a progress bar as donations are received. If you can’t donate thats OK, Liz would love you to spread the word around and simply make women in your life aware of the tests. You can read my brief story for more information.

Supporters and their contributions & contact details are listed on the supporters page and any tax deductible donations will be listed as indicated on the donators page.

Nike Magista Obra FG