Tally Count so far- Teal Sisters Walk

The count for the teal sisters walk is not yet finalized.

At this stage there is $1,623.40 donated on the Everyday hero web site.

Another 1705.50 has been banked direct to Ovarian cancer bringing the current total to: $3328.90

Raffles on the day raised $841.65

Other donations will go to Ovarian Cancer directly and we are waiting on  this tally.

Thank you for your donations and supportNike Shox Current 807

Jill Emberson video with signs & Symptoms with Liz in the video

Jill Emberson is a renowned ABC broadcaster and sadly was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in February 2016.

See the video below which summarizes the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and introduces her podcast “STILL JILL”. Please take the time to have a listen.

The full podcast can be downloaded at: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lifematters/still-jill:-jill-emberson/10342662

https://www.facebook.com/abc/videos/726674631065833/Kids Clothes

Teal Sisters Walk – October 21st 2018 – NSW – Sth Aust – Victoria

DONATE TO REGISTER or just donate

Come and walk with us on Lake Macquarie & help raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer

BBQ & Raffles: BBQ is free but we will accept gold coin donations on the day. Drinks may be charged, we are waiting to see if we can get a sponsor for the drinks. As we get supporters/sponsors we will  update you on raffles (see link below if you want to support this event in any way)

Donate to Ovarian Cancer Australia via everydayhero and bring your donation receipt along. https://tealsisterswalk.everydayhero.com/au/teal-sisters-walk-nsw

Suggested Price: Adults $25, Children over 11 $15.00 and children 10 or under is free.
Because we are trying to raise awareness if you want to walk for FREE just come along or you can donate ANY AMOUNT and bring your receipt along to walk.

We can take registrations & donations on the day however if you want a receipt for tax purposes you will need to register online. We will have devices on site if you want to donate/register but you will need to have your credit or debit card and your personal details.

Start Time: 10:00am

COURSE: Warners Bay fitness track to the War Memorial at Speers Point.

Start and finish point: Eleebana Lions Park Lake Macquarie (see map below)

Long & Short Route options:

Short: approx 30 mins each way – approx – 5 kms

location: to warners bay shops (opposite Westpac & return

Long: approx 1 hour each way – approx 10 kms

location: to the war memorial and return

Return point address: Cnr of the Esplanade & Main Road, Speers Point.

Goods or Cash Donations are Welcome
Cash donators to us on the day or via everyday Hero,
will be listed on our Donations page.

Any goods/raffle prizes or special assistance (including cash) to
help with the event by businesses or individuals will be
listed on the Supporters Page & if cash also on the donators page.

At the moment you can see our past event supporters & donations pages
for Liz’s head shave at the Wangi RSL
All business contact details with logos are listed
Please use our contact form if you would
like to support the event in any way.


Proof of illness: Unfortunately there are people out there who say they have an illness in an effort to raise money for themselves. Liz’s Doctor has kindly provided a letter to confirm Liz’s diagnosis, see her Oncologist’s Letter

Authority to fundraise from Ovarian Cancer Australia. Please refer to the authority from Ovarian Cancer Australia to fundraise. Cash donations will go directly to Ovarian Cancer Australia via everyday hero, they do not touch Liz’s account. Any cash donations or funds raised on the day will be recorded and funds will be deposited directly to Ovarian Cancer Australias’ bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer. Some funds will be used to run the event but these will be in the form of specific donations from supporters who know what the money will be spent on. For example: Woolworths donated a $50 voucher for the BBQ which will be used to purchase sausages.Shop Womens Socks – View the Large Range

Teal Sisters Walk – Flyer

Following is the event Flyer please share it around (also in PDF) We are also looking for sponsors/supporters please go to our supporters page if you would like to help.

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Teal Sister Sponsors-Supporters Flyer

Following is the Sponsors/Supporters Flyer please share it around (also in PDF)

Air Jordan III 3 Shoes

Oncologist letter confirming illness

Nike Magista Obra Low

Authority Letter to Fund Raise funds for Ovarian Cancer

Please find following the link to the authority letter from Ovarian Cancer Australia to raise funds & below are the terms and conditions accepted to raise funds via ‘Everyday Hero’ as requested by Ovarian  Cancer Australia

Everyday hero agreement:

Authority To Fundraise via Everyday Hero for the Walk

By opting in to fundraise for Ovarian Cancer Australia Liz has agreed to everydayhero’s privacy policy and fundraising terms and conditions.

Everyday Hero Pty Ltd ABN 21 117 080 430 on behalf of Ovarian Cancer Australia ABN 76097394593 authorises Elizabeth Anne Wright to fundraise in accordance with following terms and conditions:

  1. Elizabeth Anne Wright will be raising funds online through http://core-au.everydayhero.com in compliance with everydayhero’s Terms and Conditions of use as outlined at https://everydayhero.com/au/terms/.

2. Elizabeth Anne Wright will be raising funds in support of Ovarian Cancer Australia.

3. This Authority To Fundraise is issued from the date of this email until your supporter page expires on 30 November, 2018nike news

Ovarian Cancer Statistics

250K of women worldwide are diagnosed each year.

In Australia, 4 women are diagnosed EACH DAY. 3 Australian women will die EACH DAY.

Ovarian Cancer is the most deadly of all women’s cancers.

The treatment has not changed in 30years and there is NO diagnostic test.

As Liz found out here are a couple of things we could do that just might save our lives: first a simple blood test [ CA125 ] once a year where an elevated blood test would have your Doctor look further. And secondly, have a Transvaginal Ultrasound every 2 years, although this is not a 100% guarantee both tests are the only early markers available.

Symptoms may include: Abdomina or pelvic pain, Increased abdominal size or persistent abdominal bloating. The need to urinate often and urgently and Feeling full after eating a small amount.

Risk factors:

Family history of ovarian, breast or Bowel Cancer.
Aged over 50
Having endometriosis
Using hormone replacement therapy
Previously having had breast or bowel cancer
Smoking or obesity
Never having children or having them later in life
Having genetic mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes

Please make every woman you know aware.

Source: Ovarian Cancer Australia

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Cancelled – Brunch with Liz – Wednesday 25th October 2017 10am – 1pm

We apologise. The following event is now cancelled. Liz’s husband Jeff has injured himself and Liz is quite ill at the moment and  does not feel up to it




Come and Join Liz at her Brunch – drop in anytime between 10am & 1pm on Wednesday 25th October 2017

Liz is now halfway through her chemo and has completed her surgery. She has decided that with the help of a couple of friends she will open her house for a morning tea from approximately 10am -1pm on Wednesday 25th October. Everyone is welcome to come along have a bite to eat and a chinwag. Liz is happy to answer any questions and she is keen for some visitors.
This is really not a fundraiser, though you can pop $1 or $2 in the donation bowl. It is really a thank you to friends, supporters and a catch up with locals. If you haven’t met Liz before come and meet her she is a wonderfully positive person. Renee Winslade is the organizer with Liz so if you have any questions feel free to ask or you can message Liz’s page and we will get back to you.

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Wangi RSL – Liz Shave – Final Count $8208

A hugely successful event. Thank you to all who attended and supported Liz, to those who donated and to those who didn’t attend and still donated. And to those who could not donate or attend but sent messages of support. We are grateful to all of you, it means a lot.

Three (3) big shout outs go to:

1) The RSL its members and guests raised $2452 on the night.
2) Darren Campbell & Eraring Power Station Employees who ran the collections and raised funds for his shave which was matched my origin energy. They raised $1719.
3) Origin Foundation matched the amount raised by Eraring Power Station staff and donated a whopping $1720.

We asked Ovarian Cancer Australia to thank these supporters personally and we appreciated that they did do this.Sneakers

Event Closed – Successful – Friday 14th July 2017 – Wangi RSL Shave for Elizabeth Anne Wright – Ovarian Cancer

Original Event Text below – Event now finished – Raised $8208.00. For final
event results
& shout outs see the Wangi RSL event final results page.

In the past month, Liz (a local Wangi resident) has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer with a 5% Cure Rate. Liz was not detected early and was diagnosed with a different kind of cancer early in the year. She is passionate about communicating to women the tests she had, that finally led to a correct diagnosis. While not a guarantee, there are two (2) tests you can do that shows markers of Ovarian Cancer which can point doctors in the right direction to undergo further enquiry because there are no early screening tests currently available.

She is fundraising for the cause and is shaving her head on Friday 14th of this month (July 2017) at the Wangi RSL Club from approx 5 pm to around 7.30/8.00pm in between the raffles and any other events. Steve from the Wangi Barber Shop is kindly doing the shave and is willing to do other head or beard shaves for a donation of any amount. Liz will have her head shaved approx 6.30-7pm. Awareness information will also be provided and the Wangi RSL will run an additional raffle on the night with prizes if they can source some prize donations.
Liz commenced chemotherapy on Monday this week (3/7/17) and was told that she will start losing her hair within 2 weeks. She wants to do the head shave and take her hair under her own terms and not have the chemo do it. So apologies for the short notice. Any participation is greatly appreciated and welcomed.
We aim to make it a fun event despite that it is a horrid disease. Liz is a lovely, positive woman who enjoys a Friday night dance at the Wangi RSL so we won’t detract from the great Friday nights at the club but rather add something positive.
To support Liz, her shave and Ovarian Cancer you can donate before the event, or on the night of the event by visiting the: Wangi Wangi RSL Shave – Ovarian Cancer Donations Page. This page lists the event and a progress bar as donations are received. If you can’t donate thats OK, Liz would love you to spread the word around and simply make women in your life aware of the tests. You can read my brief story for more information.

Supporters and their contributions & contact details are listed on the supporters page and any tax deductible donations will be listed as indicated on the donators page.

Nike Magista Obra FG

World Ovarian Cancer Infograhic sheets from Ovarian Cancer Australia

The following information sheet links are available for the Ovarian Cancer Website:

Cancer Council

Click the links below to download World Ovarian Cancer Day infographics

Men’s Tops