It’s a tricky business when publishing donations, and after thought, we have decided that we won’t publish an amount next to your name unless you ask us to. Some organizations, groups or private persons may want this and we are more than happy to publish your donation amount. It is rewarding to have groups, families or organisations see the goal they reached. Just email us and we will make it happen.

Events (click on the event link below to see a list contibutors/Donators:

October 2018 – Teal Sisters Walk (waiting on the final money count -Will be advised)
July 2017 –  Wangi RSL – Shave for Elizabeth Anne Wright (Liz)

Past Event – Teal Sisters Walk – October 21st 2018 – NSW – Sth Aust – Victoria

A warm heartfelt thank you to all those who have donated, your support is overwhelming for Liz and it is greatly appreciated by her.

Cash Donations are grouped into 2 categories on this page: Cash Donations Groups/Companies and Individual donations
For other donations from organisations/groups and individuals see the Supporters Page

Cash Donations Groups/Companies – Teal Sisters Walk

Wangi Wangi Families on Facebook

Allison Heffernan, Ann Karhu and Josina Vaderwyk together with Wangi Wangi Families, host “WANGI’S BIGGEST BRUNCH”

A massive $1514.75 was raised at the event
Wangi Wangi Families are a closed group on Facebook but if you are a Wangi Wangi Family and want to join,  select JOIN and the administrators will look at your request. They obviously are a fantastic group of caring families.
AAA Tyre Factory donated cash which paid for the insurance for the eventPhone: Guildford  (02) 9681 3940 and
Castle Hill  (02) 8677 3837
Web site:

LJ Hooker
Wangi Wangi

The beautiful Arlene and Wayne Field covered the cost for the volunteer t-shirts.

Address: 3/232 Watkins Rd, Wangi Wangi NSW 2267
Phone:  02 4975 1644

Wangi Bowling Club

Generously donated $100 to the event
Minnamoora Street, Wangi Wangi NSW 2267
Phone: 02 49751177

Westlakes Line Dancers

The Westlake line Dancers are a wonderful caring group who have donated $500 for this event.
Their classes are fun, so if you can support them give them a call,  book in and enjoy yourself.
Classes can be found day and night in Teralba, Cardiff South, Largs and Morisset. New Beginners are always welcome and we provide an extensive Beginner programme to get you on your way. Easy Intermediate and Intermediate dancers are also catered for at all classes
Phone: 0414420808

Cash Donations Individuals – Teal Sisters Walk

Elizabeth Anne Wright (Liz) Jeff Wright (Liz’s Husband)
Nisette Rondof Greg Piper MP
Carol Sweeney Jenell Heslop
Ray & Barbara Watts Victoria Lund
Judy Pheiffer Jennifer Maher
Catherine Garroway
Josina Vanderwyk
Jim Gillan
Lisa Glover
Judy Jacob
Sheila Seddon
Veronica Lund
Teal Tennis Ladies
Sue & John R
Sarah Maher
Renee & Darren
Tracey H
Roslyn Campbell
Catherine Beeton
Danielle Kriaris (Liz’s daughter)
Anna Webster
Ann & Peter Karhu
Anne Mellon
Brian & Jane Davis
Vicki Raciti
Sandra O’Donnell
Brooke Smith
Rhainnon Threadgate (Liz’s daughter)
Mary Brogan Jacky Threadgate
Jackie Flett Sonja Dyke-Clark
Grahame Moy Kathe Froehlich
Lauren Threadgate Allison Heffernan
Ann Karhu Joan Butler
Raymond Robinson Lyn MCallister
Pat Cook


PAST EVENT -WANGI WANGI RSL Head Shave Friday 14th July 2017

THANK YOU TO ALL DONATORS (Listed Below). Supporters also donated items to raise funds that were used in the raffle & chocolate wheel – See the supporters Page.

DONATORS FOR EVENT:  Wangi RSL – Shave for Elizabeth Anne Wright (Liz) Friday 14th July 2017.

Thank you very much for your donation to the following people and organisations. All funds were directly donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia and you can always go and have a look at the Ovarian Cancer Australia Fundraising page by selecting this link: to see messages and the contribution if you wish.

The final count was $8208 see the Wangi RSL Head Shave final Count page.

Head Shave participants – The following people raised funds for having their heads shaved.  Thanks for your support. Huge thanks go to Steve (Stephen Hannon) from the Wangi Barber shop who did all the shaves.

Elizabeth Anne Wright (Liz) Jeff Wright (Liz’s Husband) Darren Campbell (largest donator)
Ethan Vlaich Sue Jacobson Jesse Whittaker
Josh Threadgate (Liz’s son-in-law) Mathew Greentree Jerard O’Neil
Clinton Cream

Cash Donations – Wangi RSL – Shave for Elizabeth Anne Wright (Liz)

Wangi RSL – Wayne & Arlene Field (LJ Hooker Wangi) – Jordon Electrical
– Dr Darryl & Linda Hall – Len Johnson – Ray Robinson
– John Cizzo  – Ray & Barbara Watts – Tracey Hoy (Liz’s niece)
– Jasmin & Tony – Caryn Upton – Tony Pereira
– Vanessa Farrow – West Lakes Line dancers – Danielle Kriaris (Liz’s  daughter)
 – Lyn McAllister – 5 x Anonymous – Dianne Theuns
– Jeffrey Wright (Liz’s husband) – Julieanne Noble – Matthew Greentree
– Barbara Tullett – Brenda & Graeme Piper – Sue Rowlands
– Steve Duff & Trish – Paula Rutledge – Judy Jacob
– Lauren Maher – Graham Harris – Jane & Craig Gates
– Marlene Forey – Kriaris Family – Josh Threadgate
– Hannah James – John Edwards – Harry Antonio
– Thelma Themes – Jesse Whittaker – Chris Beer
– Paul Forinton – Jason Park – Ron Evans
– Melanie Pereira – Ron Evans – Melanie Pereira
– Rebecca Stocker – Joe Brown – Brendan & Megan Pool
– Wally Crocker – Elizabeth McClure – Pam Smith
– Judy Anne Rae – Lynne Hanson – Carol Gavin
– Dylan Gabbo – Peter & Trish – Andrea and Fred Freeman
– Tech Analysis (Chris & Cherrie)  – Renee Winslade  – Darren Campbell
– Amy & Adrian Both