Donations at this stage are being made to Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) who provide infographic pictures that members/guests and visitors can take home and give to other women to make them aware. OCA is an independent national organisation that takes action for people affected by ovarian cancer in Australia. OCA is the only organisation that provides direct support to those living with ovarian cancer – that is, the women experiencing the disease as well as their loved ones – through support groups, phone support, online resources and more. OCA’s vision is to save lives and ensure no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone.

In the future, other organisations will be listed, including a research organisation. At this stage, Liz wants to make women aware of the disease, its symptoms and tell her story so other women are aware of the tests that may (no guarantee) pick up the disease early.

OCA is getting the word out there and helping women to do that.


Liz’s current donation link goes directly to them (OCA), this way the collection of donations DOES NOT go through Liz but rather are just logged under the event name: Liz’s current donation link for her current event can be found at the Everyday Hero web site as set up by Ovarian Cancer Australia

At this stage we have set a target on this new link to $20K which will be used for future events

Donations are tax deductible and in the future, there will be a choice of organisations to donate to. If you want to donate to another Ovarian Cancer Organisation just let us know who it was and how much you donated and we will put it on Liz’s donation tally. At the end of the day as long as the money goes somewhere.

If you want to donate go to the link above but PLEASE DO NOT SELECT THE DONATIONS LINK AT THE TOP (If you do, it won’t record on Liz’s event). Scroll to the bottom and complete your donation details where you can make all donations in honour of Liz in Your Name or an Anonymous Donation. You can also send Liz a donation message if you choose as well as see the progress of the event.

If you do select the wrong button just use the contact us button and give us the name, date and amount of donation and we will get it moved to Liz’s link.

Ovarian Cancer Australia are a DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) and ITEC (Income Tax Exempt Charity) status to operate in Australia, ABN 76 097 394 593 and ACN 097 394 593

Thank you for your support. If you can’t donate that’s ok. Liz would appreciate it if you could let women know about the tests that could assist to identify this disease which currently has no early screening test available. Click here to read her story and the 2 tests that, while no guarantee, could assist with early detection.

You can also pass around the Ovarian Cancer Australia link which is a great summary of all the signs and symptoms:
Ovarian Cancer Signs Symptoms and stats

Past Events:

WangiWangi RSL =Friday 14th July 2017
Total raised $8208.00 at the Wangi Wangi RSL – Shave Elizabeth Anne Wright – Awareness & Early Detection event