Liz’s Health Updates

Liz will publish summaries of treatment, and how she is, when she can or has something to say. She will be progressively providing updates on Facebook  or you can  see all of Liz’s Facebook posts on the Home page of this site  (just scroll past Liz’s summary). Her Facebook posts are very honest and open about what is happening with her on the day at any given treatment visit or how she is feeling at home.

Following is another formal letter from Liz which continues her treatment story.

Letter from Liz

Diagnosed in June 2017 with Metastatic Ovarian Cancer stage 4, with a life expectancy of 3 to 5 years.

Commenced treatment July 3/2017, Chemotherapy drugs used Carboplatin and Paclitaxel.

3 Treatments given then I  had to stop on 3rd treatment for a radical Hysterectomy and Debulking . Dr Otton (Gynaecological Surgeon) removed all my reproductive organs. The debulking procedure is where they take everything that has been affected by cancer. Dr Otton removed my omentum, and thought he may have to remove part of my Bowel,  I was lucky that he found it wasn’t necessary. I recovered quite well although left me with a weak bladder.

September 27 resumed Chemotherapy for another 4 treatments, unfortunately, it left me with neuropathy in my hands and feet and every time I have Chemotherapy my bladder control becomes weak and I have to work on strengthening it again. On my last Chemotherapy treatment, my Oncologist introduced Avastin, a targeted Drug which is supposed to give you more time before the cancer returns. However, after only a couple of months, I began getting extreme joint pain after the second infusion so discontinued Avastin Treatment. Chemotherapy finished 15 November 2017 and Avastin finished December 28th 2017.

Recurrence April 10, 2018, decided to watch and wait.

May 8th 2018 my sister Jeni Maher alerted me to a Professor J Coward who was doing a trial with a drug called Cantrixil, it is showing very promising results with more than one cancer, Ovarian and Bowel cancer and having the ability to kill off the cancer stem cells.

I contacted Professor Coward and sent him my details and medical history, he said he was very interested in meeting and screening me for his trial. I went to Brisbane on the 16th May 2018 and during the screening Professor Coward ordered a Pet/CT scan done, this showed more cancer than originally thought. Professor Coward offered me a choice of having treatment back in Newcastle or staying with him, he also said when the cancer returns he would put me on a Trial or Immunotherapy. I feel the Trial sector is my only hope for more time or perhaps get lucky with a wonder drug so of course, I stayed with the Professor.

My first Chemotherapy in Brisbane was on the 4th June 2018 and Professor Coward came and sat down to have a talk and make sure everything was going alright with me and to see if we had any questions, it’s this kind of care and treatment that makes me think I have made the right choice. My second treatment was on the 17th of July, and my third was on 14th of August. I was soon to learn that the Professor continues to come to personally see that all is going well for me, He also was excited to tell that my Ca125 blood test had dropped almost half in just one treatment. Fingers crossed it keeps going down

Thank you for reading my update, I wish you all the best in life and hope you have good health.

Regards LizMercurial Superfly CR7 High